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Why You Should Be An Engineer

1. Engineers make a difference. Clean water, safe transport, fast communications, and reliable energy are all accredited to engineers. Engineering is shaping everything these days from the way we communicate to advanced healthcare, but most of all, engineering is changing how we make and use energy. Environmentalism is everyone’s concern and engineering improves the environment as energy aware developments are constantly advancing.

2. Engineers use their creativity every day. Engineers have the necessary tools to develop their own systems and projects and, as they tackle various issues, no two days are the same. If an engineer holds one particular degree, that doesn’t mean they can’t transfer and work in a different specialty, regardless of their initial field of study.

3. Engineers are in demand. Engineers are among the most in-demand jobs in the world. There are countless options for engineers in every type of industry you can find all around the globe. The field of engineering is projected to grow faster at an average of 4% in the next five years and up to 23% for some engineering occupations.*

4. Engineers are first in technology. Being an engineer usually means getting to be the first to develop or try out new technologies. Most engineering firms are equipped with the latest technologies for the engineers to hone their skills or, when the technology doesn’t exist, some are creating them. With technology evolving at an unprecedented rate, engineers are always keeping-up with the times.

5. Engineers get to have fun! Engineers have all sorts of travel opportunities. Whether in the office or in the field, engineering can be fun – especially if those engineers are fortunate enough to work at a place like PowerWright Technologies. Our engineers have perks like a compressed work week, flex-days off, and vacation buy options. With events like Office Olympics, candy day Friday’s, and team building exercises in the park, PowerWright engineers have fun while they work.

*Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


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