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PROGRAM MANAGEMENT defines program management as:

Process of managing multiple related projects at once. Where project management is often used to describe one project, program management involves multiple projects that are all related and working toward the same goal or result.

Here at PowerWright, we define program management as working hand in hand with your staff to complete large-scale projects that otherwise would not be possible, without significantly increasing the size or experience level of your existing team.

Using our cutting edge project reporting systems, we’re able to stay on top of all progress and provide you with real-time updates.  This immediate and interactive feedback translates into cost savings to you through better, more informed decisions, and jobsite coordination.

Program Management Services include:

  • Master Planning

  • Critical Path Scheduling

  • Budgeting

  • Safety Coordination

  • Permit Coordination

  • Design standards

  • Risk Management

  • Project Controls

  • Engineering

  • Plans and Procedures

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