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When you have a special need that does not fit into the traditional engineering services list, you can call PowerWright.  Other than our typical engineering service, we have provided our clients a wide array of special customized services which include, but are not limited to:

  • MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) System Implementation

    • If you are considering converting your system to an MPLS technology, PowerWright has engineered and constructed over 150 substation site conversions.

  • On-site Substation Equipment Verification

    • Our field technicians have conducted more than 500 on-site surveys of substation equipment. PowerWright then provides our clients with a list of all equipment data (manufacture’s name, warranty date, serial #, physical condition, etc.) in a format which can be easily uploaded into their company wide database.

  • Looking to save money in your telecommunications budget? Consider converting your substation land lines (POTS) to a cellular system. PowerWright has completed over 700 on-site phone conversions.

  • Looking for a substation wireless backup solution? PowerWright has provided this system in more than 500 on-site conversions.

  • Looking to stay in compliance with NERC's Critical Infrastructure Protection mandate (CIP 014)?  PowerWright can provide a turn-key solution.  Over the last two years, PowerWright has been contracted to engineer and construct full-video surveillance systems in over 800 substations.  These systems include, per station, the installation of 4-8 poles, cameras, all underground cabling, and associated control house network equipment.  PowerWright can provide this service for all of your substations.  

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