Why You Should Join PowerWright Technologies

At PowerWright, we strive to be on the cutting-edge, not only with our services, but also with our company culture.

Our staff's diversity is unmatched in our industry and we believe it is a major factor that gives PowerWright a competitive edge.  Because at the heart of our design solutions, our competent team of professionals who are trained to harness the power of diverse ideas from our VERY diverse staff. 

Work-life balance is one of the things we strive for most at PowerWright Technologies.

We are client focused, quality driven, and team centered.



 Mid-Level Transmission Line Engineer

We are currently seeking a Mid-Level Transmission Design Engineer for the detailed engineering design of high voltage (Transmission 69 - 500 kV) power line projects. These projects are to include entire new facilities, as well as major additions, rehabilitation, replacement, clearance, and re-conductoring of existing electric power lines. 

SUBSTATION / PROTECTION & CONTROL Engineer I through Engineer II

We are currently seeking a Substation / Protection & Control (P&C) Engineer who will be responsible for the detailed Substation Physical and Protection & Control design for transmission and distribution voltage substation  projects. 

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