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PowerWright Celebrates 15 Years of Excellence

In 2006, PowerWright Technologies was formed with a goal of developing value added partnerships as it engineered solutions for the delivery of safe and reliable energy. Maintaining these partnerships would be a direct result of also providing exceptional customer service.

To celebrate 15 years of excellence, the PowerWright employees sat down for a brief Q&A session with President & CEO, Jaimie Wright. A small snippet from the conversation is below.

Q: If PowerWright Technologies was not established 15 years ago, what do you think you’d be doing now?

A: I used to be a Middle School teacher. I would probably still be teaching math or science. I enjoyed all aspects of teaching and I really enjoyed working with the students. I continue to strive to make an impact with students by donating supplies to local schools from our “Giving Back to the Community” Campaign.

Q: What do you think sets PowerWright apart from other Engineering firms?

A: Our ability to develop unique systems and processes which allow our employees to accomplish their goals in the most effective and productive manner. This allows our teams to stay Client Focused and Quality Driven. Technology continues to change at an unprecedented pace and PowerWright is constantly enhancing our design/communications tools to keep up with this pace.

Q: When did you feel that “PowerWright has made it” moment?

A: I have not had that moment and hope to never have it. That’s what keeps me going. Constantly improving and facing challenges are just a few facets that I enjoy about my position in the Company.

PowerWright sends a thank you to all of the employees, clients, and contractors throughout the years for all of the hard work and dedication to the Company. We look forward to another 15 years!


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