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Global Diversity Awareness Month

October is Global Diversity Awareness Month and as a minority-owned business, PowerWright is no stranger to diversity. At the heart of the business is PowerWright’s competent team of professionals who are trained to harness the power of diverse ideas and solve problems in the most unique and cost effective manner. With a multicultural staff, PowerWright embraces the differences and appreciates the many contributions its diverse workforce makes.

As technology enables society and the workplace to become more mobile, there are fewer barriers which prevent people from connecting with each other. These connections act as conduits to expose various cultures and ethnicities that might have been unfamiliar.

The Institute of Cultural Awareness defines the key benefits of workplace diversity to be innovation, company culture, and client base, and breaks it down as shown below:

Not only is diversity beneficial in those areas, but a diverse workplace better understands diverse markets which can stimulate innovation. It also enhances employee engagement when the company understands and respects different cultures. For a workforce that is culturally diverse to work as an effective organization, the celebration and understanding of differences must be valued in the company’s culture, and PowerWright makes no exception to that rule.


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