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Reimagining the Possible for Engineers Week

Sunday, February 20, 2022 begins Engineers Week. Founded by the National Society of Professional Engineers, and celebrated by DiscoverE®, this year’s theme, “Reimagining the Possible”, focuses on how engineers make a difference and engages students in engineering.

Engineers Week is dedicated to the diversity and education of the future engineering workforce in order to increase the understanding and interest in engineering careers. Diversity is important to all work forces and is especially important in engineering because engineering engages the best minds to solve complex problems in today’s world. It allows the extraction of expanded meanings and displays multiple perspectives and interpretations in dealing with multifarious issues.

As for the education of the engineering workforce, it begins with awareness. Understanding that engineering has an effect on everything in our daily lives, we can increase awareness of National Engineers Week through events and public recognition. It is especially important to engage children to help them understand the importance of engineering, so perhaps one day they can help make the world a better place by becoming an engineer themselves.

Celebrate Engineers Week by using the hashtags on social media #WhatEngineersDo during #Eweek2022


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