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Energy Engineering - A Degree of the Future?

When it comes to obtaining a college degree, what may have made sense to pursue 20 years ago, does not necessarily mean it’s a useful pursuit of education in today’s world. Gizmodo, a technology and science based online newsletter, recently partnered with Statista to identify the top universities within fields of study that they believe will define the 21st century. Energy Engineering is on the list.

Gizmodo goes on record to say, “One of the most critical problems humans currently have is how to generate power efficiently. We have many ways of generating electric power, but all have their drawbacks – some are devastating for the environment, some are difficult to scale, and some have been sidelined for years due to fears about safety. As we move away from fossil fuels, energy engineering will help us find more efficient alternatives and better ways to use existing renewables energy like wind and solar. The field produces innovations in energy production, storage, consumption, and distribution, and will hopefully free us from our destructive reliance on oil and gas.”

PowerWright Technologies, a paperless company, understands the importance of engineering solutions for the delivery of safe and reliable energy – it’s our Mission Statement.

For Gizmo’s list of the universities that offer the best energy engineering programs click here.


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