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Why PowerWright Chooses Paperless

A few years ago, PowerWright announced its paperless initiative and, today, more and more companies are also choosing to eliminate paper in their workplace. Not only is it cost efficient and a time saver for employees, but a paperless environment aids in environmental sustainability too.

According to an Infographic, for instance, 50% of a knowledge worker’s time is spent creating and preparing business documents. Filing and storing a single document can cost as much as $20 and replacing misfiled documents can cost as much as $120. Each year, 68 million trees are harvested in the U.S. alone to make paper for offices which use an average of 10,000 pieces of paper a year.

So what can you do to make your workplace more efficient like PowerWright?

Scanning and digitizing documents using PDF editing programs saves space and cost while implementing digital signing processes reduce document turnaround time by 80%. Use of electronic tablets, rather than pads of paper, makes the process easier and apps that allow annotation of PDF documents can definitely help with the time and expense of printing.

You can find the BizTech Paperless Office Infographic facts and more ways to save by clicking here.


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