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Why Diversity in the Workplace Matters

There's a lot of talk about diversity in the workplace, but what exactly does it mean? PowerWright's workplace diversity can be defined as understanding, accepting, and celebrating differences among employees in the workplace.

Our workplace diversity begins with the recruiting process with its intent to hire and retain talent that is diverse in background, education, and experience. "Creativity thrives on diversity" is a quote often heard, but what are the benefits of having a diverse workplace? Some can be defined as:

  • Having and increase in creativity because employees from different backgrounds will approach problems and projects in different ways

  • Diversity stimulates innovation and productivity and creates a world class culture that can outperform the competition

  • A multicultural organization can be better at problem solving, possess better ability to extract expanded meanings, and are more likely to display multiple perspectives and interpretations in dealing with complex issues

  • Employing a diverse workforce can supply a greater variety of solutions to problems in service, sourcing, and allocation of resources

  • Employees from diverse backgrounds bring individual talents and experiences in suggesting ideas that are flexible in adapting to fluctuating markets and customer demands

PowerWright believes our workplace should mirror the community that we serve and the importance of cultural diversity shouldn't be understated. We believe that diversity shouldn't be the exception, but the norm.


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