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Virtual Access = Virtual Fun at PowerWright

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Now that the PowerWright team has mastered the ability to work remotely utilizing virtual programs such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, employees are making sure to take some time out for fun, using technology, while practicing social distancing.

PowerWright has always been a proponent of employee engagement and working remotely has not been a deterrent. There’s the “Virtual Lunchroom”, where once a week, employees gather on a recurring Zoom meeting at noon. It’s a time to catch up with one another and increase camaraderie across the company, not just the individual departments. In addition, there are bi-weekly games that provide welcomed breaks from the normal workday and provide another opportunity to stay connected.

The list of games have included “Jeoparty” (a game similar to that of Jeopardy), “Scattergories”, and “What’s the Saying?” where employees had to guess the phrases represented by pictures. The winner of each game received a free lunch delivery, but fun was had by all!

The time spent online with one another fosters a sense of normalcy in social interaction while demonstrating that PowerWright cares for their employees and the work that they do.


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