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The Power Grid Experience

Hitachi ABB has built an interactive 3D experience with a tour of their portfolio of technologies and solutions for power utilities, renewables, data centers, and other industries. Discover the power of digital technologies and solutions to help electric utilities be more sustainable, resilient, and smart by enjoying their complimentary self-guided virtual tour.

Explore the ways to power good for a sustainable energy future and find grid integration solutions to build a stronger, smarter, and greener grid. Find out how to optimize asset performance with TXPERT™ enabled digital transformers to reduce costs, improve operations, extend life expectancy, and enhance sustainability. Discover high voltage substation and distribution solutions which reduce costs while improving power quality and safety through innovative and eco-friendly solutions. Learn automation and communications grid edge solutions with innovative technologies for the critical systems that power, move, and connect us.

Immerse yourself in the experience by clicking here.


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