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Smart Neighborhoods® Transform Modern Living

Southern Company’s Alabama Power and Georgia Power have launched a smart homes initiative known as Smart Neighborhoods® in the Birmingham and Atlanta areas. The Smart Neighborhoods® consist of homes that are provided with state-of-the-art home construction, distributed energy resources, and smart home appliances and technologies.

The homes are built with future energy codes and standards in mind and are equipped with features to ensure they use less energy than the standard home. Some of features include a micro grid or rooftop solar panels and battery energy storage, a tightly sealed building envelope, comprehensive duct-sealing, radiant barrier roof decking, triple-pane windows, controllable heat pump water heaters, air-source heat pumps, and electric vehicle chargers. The security package includes voice control, smart locks, and smart lights.

Outfitted with smart systems, these home provide a compatible network to help the homeowner manage and control various aspects of the home. Using a phone or a tablet, adjusting the thermostat, controlling the garage door, or checking the list on the refrigerator is just a click away. You can learn more about these Smart Neighborhoods® by clicking here.


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