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PowerWright Hosts the 2019 Office Olympics

Mid-June kicked off the 2019 PowerWright Office Olympics where employees competed with one another for a chance to win Bronze, Silver, and Gold monetary awards.

Round 1 included a 15-minute triathlon of games such as Paper Airplane Quidditch, Emoji Foam Basketball, and Paper Plate Concentration. From there, the winners went on to Round 2 to compete with one another in Mario Kart on Wii and a PowerWright themed word search. Round 3 pit those finalists against each other in an intense round of trivia before determining the remaining three employees to go on the the final round of This Blows - a game where the Bronze, Silver, and Gold medal finalists had to knock over Solo cups with the air in their balloons at the Quarterly Team Building Meeting.

The Office Olympics was well-received and fun was had by everyone. Hosting the games got employees involved, moving and motivated. It also gave them an opportunity to intermingle with others from different departments.


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