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Office Olympics II, With a Twist

2019 was a year of team building fun for PowerWright that concluded with its Office Olympics II, With a Twist. Employees enjoyed games such as target golf, jellybean concentration, cup anxiety, and remote control car racing. The three finalists with the most points went on to compete in the Closing Ceremonies which included a version of Wheel of Fortune.

The Winners!

The “With a Twist” aspect involved employees paying an entry fee to participate in the fun and then the collected funds were matched by PowerWright. The monies were used to purchase supplies for local schools in support of the Company’s “Giving Back to the Community” initiative.

President & CEO, Jaimie Wright, believes the main goals of team building are, indeed, to build a great team of employees that can effectively and productively work with each other. “Team building can be seen as an important part of the employee learning and development process,” states Mr. Wright. “The best way to achieve this goal is to make employees know each other as best as possible, usually through informal communication.”

No matter how you look at it, team building is fun and it’s all about providing shared experiences for people who work together. Having these shared experiences fosters a sense of solidarity and better cooperation. Employees have a real sense of pride in their accomplishment, and they take this sense of pride with them to the workplace, which results in better performance.


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