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Intelligent Substation Monitoring with Power-I™

Substation monitoring has come into the new age with the Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc. Power-I™ system which is an advanced analytic platform that utilizes state of the art computer vision technology and machine learning to perform virtual inspections and analysis of electrical substations.

As equipment reliability, safety, and security needs escalate within electrical utilities, substations require advanced monitoring, virtual inspection, and autonomous surveillance capabilities. Operation of the system is easy. Substation personnel create “patrols” of vital substation assets using video-based data and acoustic signatures from a variety of fixed and/or mobile cameras including Mitsubishi Electric’s new Mobile Sensor Platform. Power-I then performs these patrols autonomously at a schedule specified by the operator. If an abnormality is discovered during a patrol, an alert is raised within the Power-I system and notifications are sent to the appropriate utility personnel. In addition, priority on demand patrols can be performed when inspection situations require live confirmation of a detected event.

The Power-I advanced analytics system allows for the reduction in frequency of traditional substation inspections while proactively monitoring vital substation assets. It’s like having a person in your substation 24x7.

Read more about the benefits of Mitsubishi Electric’s Power-I system by clicking here.


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