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How to Beat the Heat and Minimize the Electric Bill

Now that summer is here in South Florida, we can expect electric bills to reflect the increased use of the air conditioning. Here are a few tips on how to keep costs down:

  • When doing laundry, run the dryer at night when it’s cooler and won’t heat up the house

  • Turn the hot water heater down and take cooler, more refreshing showers

  • Optimize the use of ceiling fans

  • Cook on the barbecue grill outside rather than using the inside oven

  • Install heavy drapes on windows and keep them drawn during the day

  • Make sure to change the A/C filters at least once a month

  • Use a programmable thermostat to raise the temperate during the day and lower it right before coming home

  • Plant trees around the house

  • Make sure the attic space is adequately vented

Taking just a few of these steps can lower your electric bill enough to see a difference. So be sure to keep cool this summer and don’t forget to hydrate!


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