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Giving Back to the Community

While the official PowerWright “Month of Thanks and Giving” wrapped up in November, the “giving” did not stop there. President and CEO Jaimie Wright, (pictured above with Lisa Butler), recently visited The Conservatory School at North Palm Beach to deliver school supplies which were purchased using funds raised through employee contributions and a Company match.

“There is almost no better way to impact the future of a community than to invest in the education of its children,” states Mr. Wright, who is also a former educator. “I believe that success is measured by the positive difference we make for others and I challenge our employees to not only be thankful, but to give back to others within the community.”

Jaimie Wright at The Conservatory School
Jaimie Wright challenges the 7th grade students to think outside the box.

The Conservatory School has a diverse student body and curriculum where they seek to empower scholars, artists, and leaders. Their mantra is to encourage students to play and explore, to develop a passion for learning, in order to find their purpose in school and in life.


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